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Comments from Past Training Participants


“They (the instructors) really cared about whether we understand the material or not.  They helped me correct my mistakes so that I can improve.” 

“The handouts were especially good.  I thought that the vocabulary sections about anatomy and medical terminology were important too.”

“Going over all the different [aspects] of interpreting and medical knowledge shows me my weak and strong points. The training shows me what I have to concentrate on for certification.”

“For me everything in this training was interesting and valuable, even if it is something that you know, in the discussion, you always learn something new.”

“To me this training, among other things is a reminder that learning is an endless process.”

Role playing

“The role-playing was the most valuable part of the class for me.  Acting out the interpreter role between patient and doctor was very helpful to me. ”

“It’s important to learn to be a bridge in an unobtrusive way and to understand ethical behavior.  This has helped me set my goals.” 

“Learning about the code of ethics was helpful.  Now I understand when and how to intervene in different situations.”

“The coaching about memory retention strategies during the role-plays as an interpreter was very valuable.”

“I learned how to better manage certain kinds of interpreting situations.”

“I’ve learned to be much more professional.  It gave me many ideas about improving my performance as an interpreter.”


“Discussing cultural issues is always interesting to me.  I liked hearing from other professional interpreters and trainers about their views and styles. “

“Sharing the experiences of participants and trainers was very valuable to me. “

“Everyone’s participation truly helped the learning process.  I learned a great deal from other participants”

“The discussion on cultural identity was excellent.  I found it very dynamic with the whole class participating.” 

“The discussion of the health care system in the U.S. was very candid and informative.”

“Great guest speakers!”