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Medical Interpreting Primer
A Basic Workshop on Medical Interpretation

This basic introduction to interpreting provides an overview of the purpose and roles of a medical interpreter and also a practical review of the national code of ethics for medical interpreters.

Individuals who attend this training generally gain a better understanding of the role of medical interpreters and why proper training, experience and monitoring are critical steps in assuring adequate communication between providers and LEP patients.

Learning Objectives

  • To identify the purpose of healthcare interpreters
  • To define the primary roles of the interpreter using the IMIA and the NCIHC Standards of practice
  • To identify the spheres of power for each member of the triad: doctor, patient, interpreter
  • To identify the elements of communication
  • To explain, in detail, the elements of the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) medical interpreter code of ethics
  • To demonstrate interpreting in healthcare settings with proper positioning and emphasis on reflection of emotion, use of first person, accuracy to meaning
  • To demonstrate the modes of interpreting and settings where each one is used.
  • To identify common interpreting errors healthcare interpreters make
  • To perform interpreter’s introduction to patient and provider
  • Learn and practice unobtrusive positioning of interpreter, patient and provider

Who Should Attend

  • Bilingual staff currently providing medical interpretation to LEP patients
  • Managerial staff interested in learning about the basics of medical interpretation
  • Bilingual individuals interested in becoming medical interpreters
TEP Coursebook The Essential Piece 275-page coursebook included with all training sessions. This manual contains readings for all the topics covered in the training, vocabulary and role-plays, and more.





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